About Me

After many years away from the scene I resumed doing music around 2005. One thing led to another, and in short order I had developed a repertoire of covers, doing mostly Dylan, Beatles, Moody Blues, James Taylor, and a host of others. 

Then I started writing new original material, which I had not done for a long long time. Having sung, performed & written music on-and-off during many phases of my life on the side, at this point I embarked on my current project, embracing music as my primary work and focus. And having been trained in years past in various songwriting workshops I continued in my belief that melody & lyrics are the foundation of good songs. For every song I actually record & produce there may be 10 or 20 that end up in my own private ash heap.

The songs I have come up with here come from different genres - rock, pop, ballads, spiritual. I can never seem to focus on just one genre so I have given up trying. In fact I have many ideas in genres other than these which will be the subject of songs in the near future. I.e. electronica, orchestral, rap, blues, ambient, and others.

My songs address different aspects of my life, as well as those of other people's lives - mostly real, but also some imaginary.

To all my fans & supporters, I hope you enjoy what you hear & that you will come back often. I will endeavor to keep the site interesting & engaging.

I hope you will add your e-mail address to my mailing list so I can keep in touch with you on what's going on with me, as I plan to release several more albums fairly soon. Making up for lost time, so to speak !  In addition to original material I have on the drawing board, I also plan to upload a series of video covers when I set up the engineering side in a decent fashion.

Yours in the music,